Located in a strategic position on Pham Hung Street, which is known as the diamond land of Hanoi, inspired by the Trump Tower - the highlight of New York, Sunshine Center is remarkable with its contemporary design style and royal and aristocratic highlights, showing the class of billionaires. Possessing sustainable values for an upper class life, the project presents as an expensive highlight in the West of the capital, a classic real estate product of Sunshine Group with the mission of affirming the level of a new symbol.


  • Name of project:

    Sunshine Center

  • Location:

    No 16, Pham Hung Street, Nam Tu Liem District, Hanoi

  • Total land area:

    6695 m2

  • Total investment:

    2000 billion

"Golden" position - thousands of advantages
The project is surrounded by large administrative bodies, 5-star office buildings and a series of leading social infrastructure projects: high-quality international school system of Doan Thi Diem, Marie Curie, Le Quy Don, Foreign Language Specialized School, Hospital 198 - Ministry of Public Security, National Institute of Hematology and Blood Transfusion, Cau Giay Park, Hoa Binh Park etc.
"Golden" position - thousands of advantages
To the East, Sunshine Center is adjacent to Cau Giay Urban Area, which is defined as the new Administration and Science-Technology Center with a series of headquarters of ministries (Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, Ministry of Home Affairs), Leading technology companies (FPT, Toyota, etc.) To the South, the project is contiguous to My Dinh Urban Area I&II, which act as the center of Culture - Education, Gymnastics - Sports of the whole country, with the presence of the National Sports Complex, universities (Vietnam National University, Vietnam University of Commerce), system of art schools in Mai Dich Music Zone.
"Golden" position - thousands of advantages
Sunshine Center is adjacent to the starting point of the elevated highway on the Ring Road 3, which connects Thang Long and Thanh Tri bridges. the project is conveniently connected with the Xuan Thuy - Cau Giay axis leading directly to the center of Hanoi, accompanied by the Nhon - Hanoi Railway Station Metro line and the new and modern urban road system in two urban areas of Cau Giay and My Dinh etc.
Expensive highlights of the project
ENTERTAINMENT HEAVEN – Having the beauty of the rich life in New York, Sunshine Center integrates hundreds of high-class services from the entertainment complex to satisfy all of homeowners’ privilege of relaxing. Beautiful "Cloudy" pool with spacious sun deck, specially designed in the middle of nature. The world of luxurious and fresh relaxation halfway up the sky is the dash between the two apartment towers, creating a noble feature that adorns the splendor of the Sunshine Center.
Expensive highlights of the project
ROYAL LUXURY ARCHITECTURE - Sunshine Center takes modern inspiration from Trump Tower, the center of New York with sophisticated glass design and magnificent gilded reliefs. Innovative art space, bringing a completely different concept for a truly luxurious and luxurious life.

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