Luxury apartments in Sunshine Center

It is known that an advantage of apartments at Sunshine Center is the large area (110 to 170 m2), with more than 3 rooms, it was carefully calculated and designed to ensure that each member has not only an absolute private space but also a warm place for a cozy living space with all family members.

Living room – “headquarters” represents a strong personal impression of the owner, which is designed with exquisite furniture in harmony with the overall architecture, bringing its own aesthetic beauty.


The mark is also shown on every detail, every unique highlight, such as the golden color – the symbol of success, pride, freedom and purity…


Or the stylized details of three leaf clover symbolizing luck, happiness … blending with the whole apartment to make the luxury, regal.


In addition, the details of curtains, carpets and bedding and the bedroom equipment system are equivalent to the standard of luxury hotels.


If the living room is a place for “showing” the level, then the working room is arranged modernly, full of ideas, creating a quiet space for homeowners …


The kitchen and dining room is a charming space with elegant neutral colors with high ceilings and impressive walls, promising warm and cozy dinners for families to reunite…


The floor and bathroom walls are covered with high-class marble tiles and luxurious gold-plated details of Kohler’s interior as a reminder of people’s passion for indulging themselves.


Glass door system, aluminum wall Porta Doors and EuroWindow imported premium quality, beautiful texture and color, have both noise, dust, sound insulation, heat insulation, good light transmission and ensuring decorative elements, aesthetics … to give owners quality living space.

The most modern technology sanitary equipment in Europe such as Kohler not only has exquisite design, high durability but also helps to prevent dirt, bacteria and mold effectively clogging, saving time and effort of homeowners and suitable for the tropical climate of Vietnam.

The divan chair in the corner of the room will be the perfect place for you to dreamily dream about the sunset, and then when you come back, you will be gently brought to sleep gently and wake up soon each morning start the new day full of energy.

In response to the rigorous demands of foreign experts and the new generation of trendy entrepreneurs about a “luxurious and unique” apartment, Sunshine Center has proved the attraction of the most “luxurious” and “brightest” tower in western Hanoi. It is known that Sunshine Center is about to go into operation and this will be the new headquarters of Sunshine Group in the future.

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