VVIP workspace – a new level of “trend” of Vietnamese elite

Super-rich have been different today

In the past, when referring to the elite class and the rich standards, “pop up” in you will be the luxury living standards: owning luxury cars, yachts, using branded goods, moving by business aircraft, owning expensive Patek Philippe collections or the Hermes Birkin bags worth the fortune, … the super-rich today have turned to the use of “implicit signs” to affirm their rank.


It is undeniable that the super-rich are tending to rejuvenate: they are a generation of dynamic, global entrepreneurs and successful in their careers. Their success story lingered in the financial potential, knowledge and a top-notch career such as newspapers or media called them by the name “New prosperous generation”. They have a characteristic lifestyle and aesthetic taste. If in the past, they preferred lavish and grandiose villas in the big streets, where so many people looked and admired every day, now, they “hide” in the private and isolated high-class urban areas, or choose a private place in the sky villas.

No melodrama, no expression but “implicit signs” always affirm the class of elite

Previously, the old rich standards is the material values shown outside, however, today, to affirm the level is subtle implicit signs. No melodrama, no loudness but high peak values. One of them is the workspace.

Indeed, the workspace or VVIP office are the place that prosperous generation entrepreneurs spend almost all their time and energy. It is the place to welcome partners for million-dollar deals, to show the interest, to the ego return after intense moments in the market, to enjoy the “Loneliness” feeling on the peak with a glass of smoky whiskey from Balblair and Cohiba Majestuosos 1966 cigar flavored with herbs.

It is this need that creates a new line of products for the high-end office leasing market – VVIP million-dollar workspaces that work to satisfy the “unique ego” of new prosperous generation entrepreneurs.

VVIP workspace fainted like a Hollywood movie

In a short time, Hanoi welcomes the appearance of a new tower coming into operation, along with one of the top-class VVIP working spaces that are considered the “best” in Vietnam today.


The first impression comes from the private elevator hall with 2 modern staircases, completely separating the other ladder system of the building. Sophisticated gold-plated details and smart, modern application, integrating destination selection technology and optimal capabilities, self-control of ladders ensures the lowest waiting time.

The luxurious and classy VVIP office hall is a 5-star hotel and splendid and splendid like the floor of catwalk.

A particular sky, a separate level, a panoramic view of the city at our feet. Wide windows and floor-to-ceiling windows characteristic of penthouses in Manhattan aim to bring a view that looks sweeping and complete

For gentlemen having passion with cigar, a specially designed workspace with deep brown tones is the dominant color of high-class cigar which will inspire work effectively, relieve the pressure of leaders for million dollar projects

This color tone when combined with lighting effects will create an atmosphere of deep, relaxed and slightly subtle mysteries full of excitement to match the high-class and artistic products in the reward awake like cigars.

The minimalist element is flexibly applied to create wide and open planes, which is also a highlight in the private space of this office owner.

Besides professional meeting rooms, online conference rooms for talks, transnational workshops … this is a small meeting space that is integrated in VVIP office, meeting the needs for private meeting of leaders and consulting team. Layout design of VVIP office is also somewhat more level and subtle than the office of the financiers in Hollywood cinema 

With skylight design, separating private space, VVIP office is arranged a private space like a miniature museum, reducing the enthusiasm and personality of the owner. The interior is designed with a blocky design and promotes the line performance, a characteristic of the Modernism designs in New York.

As an entrepreneur, it is certainly impossible to ignore a private space so that after every long day of fatigue, they can relax and watch the city at night shimmering. A perfect space with simple but exquisitely crafted interior details, perfectly worthy to relaxing moments to enjoy a glass of whiskey to congratulate successful deals 

Starting with a new trend of offices and multi-million dollar workspaces dedicated to VVIP to meet the needs of successful generation of entrepreneurs, high-end offices are “designed” for “super boss” will open a new race called “super luxury” in the office leasing segment.

It is known that this VVIP workspace is located in Sunshine Center building which is about to go into operation of Sunshine Group. This is a project inspired by Trump Tower famous in the real estate market recently, with the system of super-premium interior show room, event and concert center and the most luxurious restaurants, the super-smart 5-star smart homes … on Pham Hung road. Await the series of close-up articles of this class project.

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