Sunshine Center – “limited edition” of the most comfortable life in Hanoi

Outstanding among the real estate market with supply scarcity

Since the direction of the Prime Minister in April 2018, on stopping construction of more apartment buildings, apartments and high-rise buildings in the central areas of two cities (Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City) to reduce the pressure on the transportation system … the real estate market in Hanoi recognized a significant decrease in supply, especially in the high-class and class A housing segment.

While the supply decreased, in other situations, investors witnessed the volume of transactions not decreasing. Demand for all types of residential real estate (real estate) in the luxury segment is still very large, especially in new urban areas and administrative – economic zones.

In Hanoi, projects with good location, high quality of construction, high-class facilities and high liquidity, especially in key areas such as My Dinh, naturally become the preferred choice of investors.

In the context of product scarcity, the Sunshine Center is not only an ideal accommodation choice but also an attractive investment opportunity for customers.

Outstanding among the projects located in the new center My Dinh, Sunshine Center with a unique position at 16 Pham Hung – arterial road in west of the city – with a completely constructed structure of high-class Low E glass quickly attracts a large number of interested customers.

Not only owns a prime location, convenient transportation infrastructure, and a civilized community, the advantage of focusing on many foreigners living, the fact that the project is going to complete and preparing to hand over to customers also increases the attractiveness for customers to choose. Not to mention, in the future, the Western region in general and Sunshine Center in particular will increase the value of real estate, open up huge profit opportunities for investors.

Beauty imprinted with Trump Tower architecture

Possessing many advantages on location, architecture, utilities, Sunshine is considered as one of the best liquidity projects in the West of the city. 

As observed, up to the present time, Sunshine Center has been launched and put into operation, become a big and beautiful tower and one of the most recognizable symbols and highlights in the West of the city.

These days, anyone passing by will see the striking words “Sunshine Homes” and “Sunshine Center” creating a highlight, difference from other nearby buildings on the Pham Hung artery. At night, people cannot help admiring the displays of artistic light that this “Building of Light and Technology” shows.

Consistent with the ambition of always directing its projects to high-class places, becoming an elaborate project that brings an outstanding style of the authoritative President Donald Trump – Sunshine Center was created to brings a peak life with sustainable values ​​from a range of advantages such as prime location, beautiful views, large apartment area, luxurious European architecture with gold-plated apartments, diverse internal and external utility ecosystems satisfy all needs for enjoyment.

The project owns a large road surface, convenient transportation and high-end external facilities … Opposite to the project planned to build a green park and lake with extremely diverse ecosystems, bringing the most fresh, pure and cool living space to residents.

In particular, modern, strong, sophisticated and magnificent European and American architecture also helps Sunshine Center create a completely different art space towards honor, wealth and success for its owners. . This is the reason why Sunshine Group, in its development strategy, has chosen Sunshine Center to become the headquarter of the Group.

Towards building a desirable community of civilized people

With 6 , 7 apartments on one floor, residents can both live with the civilized community at the same level while maintaining a private and quality life.

According to experts, few projects have achieved the level of “play” as Sunshine Center. With a large investment, the total floor area of ​​more than 76,250 m2 but only built more than 208 apartments. Accordingly, each floor of Sunshine Center has only 6-7 apartments, arranged with 3 elevator doors, separated between 2 separate lift systems for residential blocks and separate elevators for office blocks, private elevators for the high-end commercial area

This is one of the rare and difficult features to find in Sunshine Center, because in the context of densely populated areas in apartment buildings, it is not easy to find an apartment with a small number of units on a floor like Sunshine Center. In addition, most developers make the most of the area to build as many apartments as possible in order to achieve maximum profits, but Sunshine Center is willing to sacrifice its economic benefits to ensure a well-ventilated space for customers. This shows the ambition of “creating a trendy lifestyle” of this mindful and vision investor.

Designing a spacious and classy living space, Sunshine Group not only thoroughly solves the inadequacies of security, management, services … but also helps you “rigorously” choose the right neighbors to ensure to live in a community of civilized and synchronized residents with the same … class.

It is known that Sunshine Center is also a rare project using a 5-layer security system, including security gate, security to basement (parking lot), check-in home, check-in service, Check-in lifts ensuring perfect safety, security for residents … besides a series of trendy 5-star utilities right at the foot or inside the building such as: Bar Club, Skyview cafe, outdoor swimming pool … able show the status to any owner.

For more information about the project and to order Sunshine Center apartments, please contact:


Hotline: ‎‎‎‎1800 6863


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